Zowie (ゾーイ)
The prince of the Gravillians
Race Gitarian
Gender Male
Gitaroo His Gitaroo
Armored Gitaroo
Appearances Gitaroo Man
Gitaroo Man Lives!
Voice Actors
Japanese Akira Ishida
English Douglas Kirk

Zowie (ゾーイ) is the leader of the Gravillian Empire and the main antagonist of Gitaroo Man.

Zowie strives for perfection above everything else. He dreams of completely taking over the Planet Gitaroo and eventually rule the universe with the legendary gitaroo in U-1's possession.


Zowie spends a majority of the game monitoring U-1's actions, riding a blimp. When U-1 and Puma are near Planet Gitaroo, Zowie beams a hologram of himself to introduce himself to him. He demands the legendary Gitaroo and is disappointed when U-1 refuses. Still, he continues to send the Gravillian members after U-1 and makes the final confrontation for the gitaroos at Gitaroo Arena. When Kirah fails to obey Zowie, he is forced to don his own Armored gitaroo. He refuses to think highly of U-1 and insults him. He then faces the true form of Gitaroo Man and is defeated in space.

Collection ItemsEdit

Prince ZowieEdit

Prince Zowie Collection

Attainable by earning an "S" or "A" rank on Single Play Stage 10

"Shining prince of the Gravillians. Nobody has ever seen his Gitaroo--and it is probably unwise to try."

Lord ZowieEdit

Lord Zowie Collection

Attainable by completing Master's Play Stage 10

"He has revealed to us his true power. His Armored Gitaroo, the apex of Gravillian technology, will now rev into life!"


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