Pico (ピコちゃん)
Race Human
Gender Female
Gitaroo Skating
Appearances Gitaroo Man Wan
Gitaroo Man
Gitaroo Man Lives!
Voice Actors
Japanese Machiko Toyoshima
English Bianca Allen

Pico (ピコちゃん) is a classmate of U-1 that he admires. 

Pico is charming and naturally trusting and wants to see people get along. She prefers rollerskating over skateboarding. When Kazuya bullies U-1, she convinces him to refrain from his mean comments.

Collection ItemEdit

Pico Collection

Attainable by completing Single Play Stage 1

"An alien who is the object of Gitaroo Man's desire. A little flaky if you ask me. I don't quite get the appeal."


An image gallery is available for Pico.

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