Panpeus (パンパス)
Race Demon
Gender Male
Gitaroo Axe Gitaroo
Appearances Gitaroo Man
Gitaroo Man Lives!
Voice Actors
Japanese Noriko Yoshitake
English Lisle Wilkerson

Panpeus (パンパス), is the first enemy U-1 faces.

Panpeus likes to cause mischief and aquires the ability to alter reality to his will. His Axe Gitaroo is considered to be strong and flexible but it takes great skill to wield it.

Collection ItemEdit

Panpeus Collection

Attainable by earning an "S" or "A" rank on Single Play Stage 1

"His "axe" is an axe! The Axe Gitaroo rips right through space-time. So watch out: Panpeus may have a baby face, but not baby skills!"


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