Mojo King Bee (モジョキングBee)
Mojo King Bee
Race Gitarian
Gender Male
Gitaroo Trumpet Gitaroo
Appearances Gitaroo Man
Gitaroo Man Lives!
Voice Actors
Japanese Kaleb James
English Kaleb James

Mojo King Bee (モジョキングBee) is a member of the Gravillian Empire

Zowie orders him to follow U-1 on earth after Flying O's defeat. He confronts him in a forest near a lake. He has the ability to control the darkness to his will. No one has ever seen him without his sunglasses.

Collection ItemEdit

Mojo King Bee Collection

Attainable by earning an "S" or "A" rank on Single Play Stage 3

"He rules the darkness with his Trumpet Gitaroo. No one has ever seen the Man Behind then Shades."


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