Kirah (キラ)
The strongest Gravillian warrior.
Race Gitarian
Gender Female
Gitaroo Her Gitaroo
Appearances Gitaroo Man
Gitaroo Man Lives!
Voice Actors
Japanese Machiko Toyoshima
English Bianca Allen

Kirah (キラ) is the strongest Gravillian warrior.

Kirah was raised by the Gravillian Empire to be a heartless warrior. She forgot her Gitarian roots and became the strongest Gitaroo warrior of the Gravillians.


Kirah first meets U-1 on the beaches of Planet Gitaroo. Her appearance reminds U-1 of Pico, making him also admire Kirah. She claims that she was walking to see the moonlight and is happy to hear U-1's song on an acoustic guitar. As she sits and listens to the song, she calmly rests her head on U-1's shoulder and goes to sleep. She is gone by the next morning.

After Gregorio III's defeat, Kirah faces U-1 as a heartless warrior at Gitaroo Arena. Armed with her gitaroo, she attacks him. However, U-1 doesn't have the power to battle her and gives in during their duel. He plays the legendary song of Planet Gitaroo instead. Kirah attempts to attack him during this time, but her attacks have no effect. As the song progresses, Kirah eventually realizes that music can be used for more than fighting and finishes the performance together with U-1. After the song is completed, she gives U-1 her gitaroo and believes that U-1 may be the real hero that Planet Gitaroo needs. She disobeys Zowie's demands and watches the final battle from the arena.

Collection ItemsEdit


Kirah Collection

Attainable by earning an "S" or "A" rank on Single Play Stage 6

"A shy and reserved girl with the heart of a warrior. She excels at baking Gitaroo Apple Pies."


Kirah Warrior Collection

Attainable by earning an "S" or "A" rank on Single Play Stage 9

"The most powerful Gravillian warrior who has been trained from childhood to be a Gitaroo Master. No one can defeat her, not even me."


  • In the PS2 version, if the player ejects the disc tray during Stage 6 with Kirah they will get an instant win. This can also happen during Stage 4 with Ben-K.


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