Ben-K (ベン-K)
Ben-K's robot form
Race Robot
Gender Male
Gitaroo Turntable Gitaroo
Appearances Gitaroo Man
Gitaroo Man Lives!
Voice Actors
Japanese Daisuke Tōjō
English Daisuke Tōjō

Ben-K (ベン-K) is a robotic member of the Gravillian Empire.

He is ordered by Zowie to interrupt U-1 and Puma in space and get them before they arrive on Planet Gitaroo. 

Collection ItemsEdit


Ben K Shark Collection

Attainable by completing Single Play Stage 4

"As a space shark, he's a rough tough customer just looking for trouble!"


Ben K Robot Collection

Attainable by earning an "S" or "A" rank on Single Play Stage 4

"He attacks by scratching the Turntable Gitaroo on his chest. But his Karate moves prove he's a man of many talents."


  • Before Gitaroo Man was released for the PS2, Koei revealed his image and asked fans to choose a name for him. "Ben-K" was the winner and it was submitted by Tomohiro Maruyama. The name was chosen for its unique naming structure, and since its standing position roughly resembles the historical figure it got its namesake from.
  • In the PS2 version, if the player ejects the disc tray during Stage 4 with Ben-K they will get an instant win. This can also happen during Stage 6 with Kirah.